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6 Awesome Tips to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The e-commerce industry has grown drastically over the last decade. With an average of 4.5 billion people online, around 3 billion access products through their mobile phones. Thus, it is extremely important to make your
organizational/business website mobile-friendly. An average human being checks his mobile phone around 46 times per day. This number varies among smartphone users of different age groups. Of this total time spent by an individual on their mobile phones, around 66% of their time is spent on e- commerce transactions. So, if you wish for your business to excel digitally, your website must be mobile-friendly. Read the six tips that will help you to make your website mobile-friendly and will help you boost your business.
    For your users to trust you and your website, you must add relevant and helpful information for your users on your website. This must include all the required information about your latest trends, updates, progress, brand value, etc. Most of the customers visiting your website decide within 3  seconds if they like it or not.
    You should always present customer reviews and testimonials from existing or past customers. It has been depicted that around 84% of users are more likely to trust a business if they have previous reviews from their customers. Creating and updating your digital brand value might sound like an easy task, but if you wish to increase your CONVERSION RATE, it is highly recommended that you use expert copywriting services. These services will help you sell your brand messages to your customers through a minimum amount of words.

    In the digital era, where everyone is very impatient, it is very important to optimize the loading speed for your website. This can be done in several ways. However, the most basic way through which you can enhance the loading speed of your website is to limit the number of HTTP requests on your website. You can do this by reducing the number of graphic elements such as images, videos, etc on your website. Since, these elements require several minutes to load, limiting them with result in faster loading speeds of your website.
    The optimization of your website can be improved by using the right font styles. Even if your website has the best contact, you will not still be able to attract new customers, if your website is not presentable. Thus, to make an impressive website, it is important to use the correct fonts and their sizes. This must ensure that the customers can successfully read all the content on your website without any resistance.

    Web design is a very complex process that requires years of practice to
    master the skill. Creating a website for your business is the first step towards a successful digital business. Commonly, the businesses decide to choose from the default themes. However, customers get bored by looking at the same theme everywhere. Thus, it is recommended to create a customized design for your website, that represents your business value and a sense of creativity at the same time. Choose a professional, like us, to help you design your business website with a customized design.
    Selecting a customizable design for your website does not result in the
    success of the website. Your website must be functional and appealing to the customers, providing them a hassle-free experience even through a mobile phone. This must be the most important goal to create an easily navigable  website that is simple but impactful on all your customers.
    Keeping track of your website’s performance through regular monitoring is the most effective task, that will ensure success for your business. If you keep noticing a higher number of customers visiting your website through desktop, rather than their smartphone, then it is possible that your website might not be mobile-friendly.
    We, at AR Digital Solutions, highly recommend that your website must be mobile-friendly, especially in this digital era, where everyone is spending more time browsing the web through their mobile phones and tablets.

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