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7 Must-Have SaaS Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing has become the best marketing tool in the present era. It is undoubtedly the cheapest medium to spread an idea, reach your target audience, boost your brand awareness, increase consumer loyalty, and enhance your business growth. It is no longer only suitable for the B2C companies but is equally appropriate for the B2B companies, such as SaaS. Some of the reasons for you to consider SaaS social media marketing for your business have been presented below:
  • B2B buyers and social media: Most of the B2B buyers (92%) use social media platforms to engage with the industry leaders, as the information on the social media platforms is much more accessible.
  • Social media purchases: With over 3.8 billion people active on social media platforms, they can now buy products directly from social media platforms.
  • Build strong customer relationships: People these days enjoy spending a fair bit of their time on social media. Thus, it is highly recommended to create a strong social media presence for your business, which would help you to build trustworthy and reliable relationships with your customers.
So, now you might be wondering What are the best Social Media Platforms for SaaS, that we have been referring to. Choosing the right platform for your SaaS promotion is what requires your complete attention. Some of the most popular social media platforms that you can consider are presented below:
  1. FACEBOOK: This has been the most used social media platform in the last decade. So, you will hardly find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. With a mixture of several business-specific and customer-centric features, it is the most suitable social media platform to reach your target audience.
  2. LINKEDIN: It is the most trusted social media platform for business professionals. You can use this platform to target your products to a specific audience and promote your SaaS business.
  3. INSTAGRAM: Being popular for its visual features, this should not be the first choice for your SaaS business promotion. However, with its great in-app features, high user count, and online shopping features, you can use this platform to raise visibility and promote your product.
Now you have some idea of what platforms to use for social media marketing, and why you must use them. Some of the social marketing tips for your SaaS product have been presented below:
  • Inform customers of your SaaS product: An average person spends around 3 hours daily on social media. Thus, having a social media account on a platform that has your target audience can do wonders for your business. You can utilize this time of your audience to raise awareness about your products. This will help you to promote your brand message to the maximum number of customers through the same platform.
  • Encourage e-commerce for your business through social media platforms: Providing an online shopping store for your business on social media platforms will provide a detailed description of your business products to your customers. This will then encourage your customers to make faster decisions and result in your business growth.
  • Product Description: Social media platforms allow you to explain your products in detail to all your customers. You can add photos or videos that could explain to your audience how to use the products. This is mainly because people of all age groups are active on social media, so you can choose to add different descriptions of the products, based on the audience that you wish to target.
  • Live interactions with your customers: Social media platforms provide you an advantage to interact with your customers through live streams or Q/A sessions. This further increases the interest of customers in your product and gives you a better understanding of your customer needs.
  • Organize social media contests and giveaways: A recent trend that has sparked a lot of interest is the Social media contests and free giveaways, where you invite the users to participate, follow your business, and win some prizes in return. SaaS businesses can track these giveaways and achieve their business goals.
  • Influence your audience with the influencers: Influencing is a very serious activity, especially when it comes to social media. Around 70% of the users trust the opinions of the influencers and the products that they recommend. Thus, getting a niche influencer to promote your business and review it on social media platforms will certainly help you boost your business, and gain more followers.
  • Utilize the Social Media Ad Campaigns: You cannot find a cheaper and better way to promote your SaaS business than Social Media Ads. These ads are very affordable and persuading, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can even choose your target audience for the social media ad campaigns and distribute your brand message to the right audience without wasting budget on people who would not be interested in your product.
The best way to enhance your social media marketing techniques, the best possible way is to contact a digital marketing company, like ours, and we can help you expand your services.

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